Golf Ball Fishing in America

Michael aux Tinee: “There’s gold in these waters.”

"The average golfer loses five balls a game," Aux Tinee says as he pushes himself ever further through the murky depths. "There's gold in these waters!"

Jennifer Silverberg

Still, an hour after he emerges, muddy, wet and algae-soaked, it's clear Aux Tinee wasn't able to meet his goal of 1,000 balls in an hour. "We did 500, easily," he says, hoisting the bag in front of him. The haul is less than he'd hoped for, but Aux Tinee is philosophical. "This is a spiritual principle at work," he says. "It ain't about how much money you got in the bank; it's about sharing. We've all got ponds in front of our lives, and I'm giving something back: golf balls."

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