Week of October 20, 2004

It is perhaps time that your company should put its efforts toward building a moral fiber in the area instead of such sensationalism.
Deborah Wurdack

Buckley Up
Leave Jeff out of it: I typically find myself flipping to the music section first in the RFT. Your columns in particular bring me more than a few smirks. Today, however, I'm absolutely leveled at the thought that Rob Harvilla made me sit down and write a letter like the people I normally make fun of.

The headline "Die, Jeff Buckley, Die" [October 13] is absolutely inflammatory. You seem to credit Buckley with the kudos he is due and attack more rightfully his "estate" for the onslaught of Buckley releases since his untimely death. But couldn't you have left him out of it? They did.

Jennifer Silverberg

Grace was an absolutely brilliant album. For me it serves as a shining example of all that's right with music and delivers without argument some of the most well-written and convincingly performed music I have ever heard. Sketches was completed and released postmortem, and I took it as such. I was grateful to have more, no matter the motive. You act as though Buckley himself has been giving orders from the afterlife to see to it that you are personally annoyed.

The likeness to Tupac you offered was apples and oranges at best. The mention of Kurt Cobain, though, was maligning and hateful. The sensationalism surrounding Cobain is akin to a car wreck with bodies strewn in every direction. He was without talent, without ambition and without the sense to ever rent Sid and Nancy, apparently.

Jeff Buckley did more than mend the image of the white guy in music, Mr. Harvilla. Unlike either Tupac or Cobain -- or for that matter substitute any deceased rock icon -- Jeff Buckley created a legacy based on one album, and did so without the benefit of major-market radio support. His last date in St. Louis was at the Hi-Pointe, for chrissake. I doubt if Jeff Buckley is benefiting by, any more than he is supervising, the reissues and rereleases of anything since Grace.

Aerosmith has made a career of recycling outdated crap, inundating the world with best-ofs and greatest hits and soundtracks -- and they still tour! Call them next time you want to bitch about "the evil machine." For now, though, I'll be happy to take any of the freebie Buckley promo stuff you're so angry about off your hands.
Bruce Eads
St. Louis

Troubling Symptoms
Fired when ready: I am a former employee of the St. Louis College of Health Careers whose employment was terminated one week before Lori Nichols was fired. I loved Shelley Smithson's article and believe she painted an exact portrait of the facts that represent the character of the institution ["Bad Medicine," October 6].

Although I was never asked to forge, cut and paste or participate in any illegal activity, the college's administrators certainly were well aware that I had knowledge of what was going on. Hence, I was fired two weeks before the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education's visit. I was ready to tell all, and they knew it.

Thank you for such a wonderful job!
Jason Henry
Malvern, Arkansas

Money for nothing: I graduated from the St. Louis College of Health Careers in May, after which I was supposed to go on an externship. When I got there, they didn't even know I was coming. I called the school and no one returned my call for a week. I never got to go on an externship and I have a certificate saying that I completed my courses.

A lot of the students in my class that I contacted after graduation do not work in the medical field and have to pay back all that money for nothing. That school is a rip-off. I think they should be closed down.
Qiana McNair
St. Louis

In Mike Seely's news story "No-Look Pass" last week, we erroneously stated that Saint Louis University political-science professor Ken Warren is black. Professor Warren is white. Additionally, in Jedidiah Ayres' "Riches for Bitches" blurb in Night & Day, we misidentified the Web address for the Metro East Humane Society. The correct address is www.mehs.org.

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