Week of October 27, 2004

Sadly for this community, your civic duty to present alternative and otherwise neglected news and information has been abused and neglected. Your newspaper, for me, is no longer credible. Either you are completely inept at your job or you lie without the thought of consequence.
Paul Lampe

Inept -- or careful liars? This old conservative wouldn't pop a gasket at this photo on the local paper. As far as I'm concerned, the human body is just fine; we've all got one. Far from hiding my kids from the picture, I would draw their attention to it and use it as the basis for discussion of peaceful protest.

I'm not sure that the various comparisons to pornography are apt; I would say that those publications are covered because of the poses, not due to the mere presence of a nekkid body. There's certainly no prurient intent to this photo.

I was disappointed by your explanation of an inadvertent photo switch that no one caught; certainly it would be hard to make such an obvious mistake. I can't help but think that your editorial staff is more careful than that.
James Payne
Perkinsville, Vermont

Stand up, wouldya? I don't believe your Peace Out! cover was a mistake, and I'm disappointed that you aren't standing up to all of your disappointed "readers." I feel sorry for you and all of the people who were offended by it. I thought it was a beautiful cover and I'm glad you did it. It was not sexual or harmfully sexist like so many ads we see elsewhere, every day.
Rachel Smith
St. Louis

Last week in Malcolm Gay's news story "Get Lost, Kid!" we erroneously referred to Phil Ferguson as dean of the College of Education at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Ferguson is a professor in the College of Education.

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