Krypton Rock

We sing to Superman, remember Road House and talk cock rock with Tesla

Bigger than ever?

Yeah, yeah, we really are, man, touring with the Scorpions. We got a second lease on life. [Guitarist] Tommy [Skeoch] kinda had to go into rehab, but he's coming back for this tour; he's feeling strong, and we're feeling stronger than ever.

The Scorpions don't use, like, hearing aids and canes, do they?

I don't know. They didn't back when we were with them.

Nikola Tesla invented types of AC motors, right? Did you guys ever think about just naming yourselves AC Motor?

No. [Laughs] Because he did more than just the AC motor. The radio, the remote control. All kinds of stuff that we use today. And we kinda liked the sound of the name.

He's also known for harnessing the power of Niagara Falls. What would you like to be known for harnessing?

[Long pause] I'd like to be known for harnessing....never really thought about that. I don't really see us as just harnessing something.

What is the purpose of a Tesla coil, and have you ever used one in an orgy?

No. I've never been in an orgy, really. Maybe a couple of the other guys have been in that kind of stuff, but I can't answer for them. What is a Tesla coil? I've seen pictures of it, but to be honest with ya, I never really found out exactly what it does. I'm not sure if it gathers the electricity from, like, lightning and stuff like that. I'm not too sure.

Though you've never been in an orgy, in Tesla's downtime you spent a year spinning records at a strip club. Is it fair to say that you're a big fan of female breasts?

No, not really. You'd think that, but I was just used to being on the mic and being around that kind of atmosphere, and a friend that did it just said, "Hey, I can get you a job down here." I didn't do it because I just wanted to check out a bunch of tits and ass. If anything, it opened me up to a lot of other music, like dance music. -- Ben Westhoff

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