We scope out Pinkeye's publicity, chat with Hopesfall and declare a fatwa on A Perfect Circle

So why mention these hoochie-coochers in the same paragraph as the St. Lunatics? Jane Higgins, that's why: The 51-year-old publicist extraordinaire took on PD'G recently. We're not saying that Higgins and Deb Peterson sauna together at The Face & The Body or anything, but let's just say that Higgins -- like all good publicists -- is gifted at smooth-talking her way into a story. How can PD'G afford her? Well, Mahoney's dad just happens to be R.J. Mahoney, former chairman and CEO of Monsanto. So you make the call.

Good for him. Mahoney has every right to exploit his lineage in pursuit of the dream. But it would be nice if local journalists would be able to spot a reverse-ringer. Check out this sample lyric from "Girls of Arkansas": "I would drive for seven hours/Just to swim your country mile."

The Pink that stinks? PD'G in full effect.
Dave Probst
The Pink that stinks? PD'G in full effect.


Saturday, November 20
Mississippi Nights.

Whatever. B-Sides has been known to employ a double-entendre or two ourselves. We just want to be the ones invited to party with Georgia Frontiere next time. -- Ben Westhoff

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