Someday, Some Way

The tale of a journalist obsessed

After working backwards to Heartbreaker, she knew there was something strangely familiar about that "Come Pick Me Up" track. And after seeing the video for "Answering Bell," in which Ryan, Adam, Leona and Elton do a drugged-out take on The Wizard of Oz, it all finally made sense. Her life, that was, not the video.

The journalist was ready to go. After St. Louis, she had a ride to Cincinnati, and she had already bought a bus ticket to Nashville for the following show at the Ryman Auditorium -- the fabled venue where Johnny Cash busted out all the footlights and Ryan tried to kick a guy out a year ago for requesting a song by a Canadian singer who had, in a previous lifetime, also filed a restraining order against the journalist.

Ryan Adams, sans duct tape
Richard Kern
Ryan Adams, sans duct tape

So what if she hadn't interviewed Ryan in time for the story? There was still plenty of opportunity to speak with him, be with him, spend the rest of her life with him. What kind of wedding cake would they have? What would they name their kids? These were all important questions. She reminded herself to visit him in the attic later and take off the gag so he could share his thoughts on the matter.

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