Hide and Seek

Unreal dons pleather for a BDSM gathering, shows up to the office naked and gets into the mind of chocolate thieves; plus, we want to know why the F we can't see Saving Private Ryan

Should arriving at the office wearing nothing but a yellow rain slicker automatically make one a target for sexual-harassment allegations?

Absolutely not. Maybe you're just attempting to be much more honest with yourself than the average person in the office cares to be.

If I owned a confectionery and chose to work in the buff, would it be sanitary for me to stir a vat of melted chocolate with my penis?

I would say no. We have no idea where you've been.

If I were a naked cocktail waitress, do you think it would be a boon to business if I let customers lick salt off my nipples after sampling tequilas?

It would probably be a boon to business, absolutely, depending on the gender of your customer and the location of your bar.

Discuss the pros and cons of a traveling salesman giving a PowerPoint presentation buck-nude.

Depending on your target market and what you are selling, you might make a lot of sales because you have the freedom to appear just as you are. The con to that is you may very well kill all your sales.

Do you think Tom Hanks should shed his goody-goody, Jimmy Stewart image and return to risqué comedic fare?

No. The goody-goody image is working for him. Why get away from it when it's working?

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