Drop-Kick Gorgeous

Bad timing and institutional racism kept Gary Jackson out of pro wrestling's spotlight. But he's got St. Louis in a hammer lock.

Again Shaft slips the grip and in short order lands a helicopter-jump from the top rope, his head barely missing a low-slung light fixture. A brief series of body slams ensues, followed by three near-pins, each of which seems to signal the champ's demise. But on the third two-count, Jackson does what he does best: turn the tables on the opponent while keeping the action on the mat.

"One! Two! Three!" counts referee Jim Harris, declaring Jackson the victor after a forceful spin and pin.

This being Gorgeous Gary, of course, the show's not over.

Jennifer Silverberg
Jennifer Silverberg

"John Shaft, I was toyin' with you, sucker!" Jackson announces into the microphone. "I sat on my couch and played with my remote for three whole weeks! That's what I think of you, Shaft."

"You still ain't nothin', Jackson!" the defiant Shaft retorts.

Just then a swarm of South Broadway's faithful rushes Jackson, clamoring for autographs.

It's the same old story: Everyone wants a piece of the champ.

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