Two Tickets to Paradise

We chat with Eddie Money, get all Punjabi on you and fatwa all over Robert Downey Jr.

I rather enjoy shouting it throughout the day. How have audiences responded to the new music on this tour?

Oh, excellent! All over the world, kids, boys, girls, man, woman, old and young -- they all do the action with me when I do the song "Shaa Ra Ra Ra," right away.

The song "#1 Papa" rocks my ass completely off, but I don't understand all the lyrics. Is it an autobiographical song about siring many children?


December 3 and 4
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"#1 Papa" means bhangra music rhythm is always No. 1, that nothing can be better than bhangra music. You know, the papa is the head person of the house. Also, "papa" is the head of rhythm, and bhangra rhythm is the head rhythm of any other music -- Indian music, rock & roll, in India, Pakistan, all over the world.

Some tracks on the new album feature female backing vocals in English. Is this in an attempt to reach a whiter audience?

I want my music to play all over the world. That's why we used English.

There are a lot of similarities between bhangra and hip-hop. Do you enjoy American hip-hop?

Ah, yah-yah! I like hip-hop, also rock & roll music, soul and blue[s] and jazz.

What do you think of Nelly's new double record?

Nelly Furtado?

Nope, different Nelly. The Nelly I refer to is a hip-hop artist, dramatic actor, soft-drink entrepreneur and positive role model for children and adults alike.

I haven't heard of this Nelly. -- John Goddard

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