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Unreal sees what all the inflatable fuss is about, learns why kitties are bad presents and talks to a man who loves hotties-but-smarties; plus, the second installment of Local Blog o' the Week!


Leave it to the Green Party of pet politics, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), to take the fun out of the tradition. Witness PETA's holiday Web banner campaign, which features a cartoon cat clawing the hell out of a couch and begging would-be adopters to "scratch me off your holiday shopping list!" Why so harsh, Unreal asked Laura Brown, PETA's domestic animal and wildlife rescue and information coordinator?

"It seems like a good idea, but adopting an animal is like adopting a child," Brown replies. "We're looking at a fifteen- to twenty-year commitment here. I think any time you label an animal as a gift or a toy, you have to remember that they're sentient beings. They have emotions and physical needs just like we do. This is going to be a member of your family. We're just asking people to think before they give."

Jennifer Silverberg
Ken Cursoe

If you ask Angus' owner, this sort of cautious approach should reach beyond the animal kingdom: "We should have a PETA for children. The same people that don't think deeply about adopting a pet also probably don't think deeply about having children and are, in fact, probably buying the pet to placate their out-of-control children."

It's a vicious circle, Dorothy. Meow-humbug!

Local Blog o' the Week

Author: a-go-go

About the author: a-go-go is a bartender at an establishment she refers to as CRB (short for Classic Rock Bar), which is ostensibly frequented by bikers and soon-to-be-ex-Cardinals reliever Steve Kline. She's been blogging for a few years, previously at another domain name.

Recent highlight (December 4, 2004):

it's been awhile....

haven't written much about the CRB (Classic Rock Bar) experience lately. every time i work there i see something that has me thinking, "now THAT'S something to blog about!!!"

here are some randoms.....

- no knife fights to report since the one at the pool table.

- did i mention that it was over a couple of quarters?

- apparently they were fighting about who's quarters were on the table first to reserve it.

- i now know that the best way to resolve a problem like this is to pull out your knife.

- at least you think it would scare the person into giving you the next game...

- unless that person has a knife too.

- luckily, no one got hurt but they were both thrown out.

- i kept the damn quarters myself....and bought some gum.

- i finally admitted to the owner that i like disco.

- this was a risky thing to do knowing that the two things he hates most in this world...

- are disco and the beatles.

- i thought he saw a ghost when i told him that.

- he's determined to teach me how to sway to "paradise city"...

- when all i want to do (to annoy him) is point my finger to the ceiling,

- with my other hand on my hip.

- the other owner, who bathes in old spice and sports a nice silver mullet...

- had a half inch taken off the ends of his mullet.

- this was a big step for him.

- i was almost proud.

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