Week of December 22, 2004

Critic Cornered
The mystery of Dennis Brown: I don't understand Dennis Brown finding The Mystery of Edwin Drood unintelligible ["Hurts Like the Dickens," December 8], when my twelve-year-old niece seemed to follow and enjoy it perfectly well. Of course, she is unusually bright, but still. We attended on a Sunday afternoon, with a very full house, and didn't hear anyone complaining that they couldn't understand the play or the lyrics. We were fascinated by the possible permutations of the voting and the fact that the cast had to be prepared for so many outcomes. We enjoyed the silliness, the singing and the suspense. Our only regret was not having brought her older brother along with us. Sorry, Dennis, that you didn't get it. Of course, we didn't have the distraction of a fire alarm, so perhaps we should make some allowances, and you might want to try again. You might even get to see one of the alternate endings.
Mary Garrett
St. Peters

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