Up From the Underworld

This year, blood-soaked extreme metal took its rightful place in the world of heavy music.

9. Clutch, Blast Furnace (DRT). N.O.R.M.L.s house band drops a man-rock masterpiece guaranteed to result in at least a 36.57 percent increase in chest hair per spin. Everybody move to Canada/Smoke lots of pot frontman Neil Fallon growls like the devil with a tracheotomy on The Crowd Goes Wild, a funk-rock throwdown in which political protest means passing the duche on the left-hand side. Kind of like a heavy-metal Phish, Clutch has groove and girth to spare, reinvigorating the jam-rock set by relieving it of any asswipes playing Hacky Sack.

10. Yob, The Illusion of Motion (Metal Blade). The second full-length from this doobies-n-doom three-piece sounds like the very reason the bong was invented. These Portland potheads play as if Liquid NyQuil were coursing through their veins, eschewing brevity like they do piss tests. Coming with four songs in just under an hour, Yob makes 4/4 time seem like grindcore, conjuring a true wall of sound like a stadium full of Phil Spectors. If Geddy Lee had a pair, hed sound something like band frontman Mike S., whose guitar is perpetually at high tide. Bring your floaties, dude. Up From the Underworld

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