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The Year in Review: A Quiz

a) Britney Spears' marriage to Kevin Federline.

b) A Wash U. sorority's hazing ritual of sacrificing a pledge during rush.

c) A nun's vow of chastity.

Mike Gorman
Mike Gorman

d) The Catholic ritual of a woman marrying Jesus Christ.

21. The reason five-year-old Kobi Dickerson gave for wearing his seatbelt while taking a joy ride in his mother's car was:

a) "Driving a car is serious business."

b) "It's illegal to drive without wearing a seatbelt."

c) "I didn't want police to pull me over."

d) "It's the only way I could see over the dashboard."

22. This summer, the St. Louis Health Department cited which local drinking establishment for the lack of a proper business license and selling unsafe ice cubes?

a) A U. City lemonade stand.

b) Talayna's Pizza.

c) A Soulard Market soda vendor.

d) Larry Flynt's Hustler Club.

23. What is the new moniker of the former McRee Town neighborhood?

a) Monsanto Park

b) Botanical Heights

c) Pottersville

d) Willart Vista

24. After a stump speech for Democratic senate candidate Nancy Farmer, Senator Hillary Clinton was forced to apologize for her "lame attempt at humor." What did she say?

a) Martin Luther King "needed to bone up on his Ebonics."

b) Kit Bond "is a corn-fed Hoosier."

c) Mahatma Gandhi "ran a gas station down in St. Louis."

d) Nancy Farmer "better stay away from my husband."

25. Who threw a wrench into the plans to reopen the Kiel Opera House this year?

a) Reverend Larry Rice.

b) Ed Golterman.

c) Fox Associates.

d) Bill Laurie.

26. Who did Nelly not do a duet with this year?

a) Tim McGraw.

b) Christina Aguilera.

c) Ashanti.

d) Jaheim.

27. "Francis did it, but he looked pretty unhappy about it," said Ed Rhode, Mayor Slay's press secretary. What was Francis forced to do?

a) Eat a pound of Boston baked beans while wearing a Red Sox hat after the Cardinals were swept.

b) Steer the first hit of the wrecking ball on the Century Building.

c) Shake Bill Haas' hand at a Board of Education meeting.

d) Wear a Carolina Panthers jersey at a mayor's conference in Washington, D.C.

28. What was the average August temperature in St. Louis this year?

a) 69.8.

b) 73.6.

c) 78.9.

d) 83.4.

29. Which was not a feature of Larry Rice's proposed homeless complex in the L. Douglas Abrams Federal Building?

a) A dozen 27-inch flat-screen televisions.

b) Day center with storage lockers and showers.

c) A laundry-service room.

d) A state-of-the-art performance facility.

30. What is Bryan Cave?

a) A series of possessed tunnels beneath Saint Louis University that were the original inspiration for The Exorcist.

b) An accounting firm accused of fudging the Renaissance Hotel books.

c) A law firm that is receiving tax incentives to stay downtown.

d) The new Judd Nelson film shot in abandoned St. Louis water tunnels.

31. Who produced J-Kwon?

a) The Track and Fieldz.

b) The Track Starz.

c) The Track Boyz.

d) The Track Racerz.

32. Why did St. Louis native Andrea Mackris do to make national headlines this year?

a) She accused FOX News commentator Bill O'Reilly of sexual harassment.

b) She leaked a CIA operative's name to William Novak.

c) She attempted to throw a pie in Ann Coulter's face.

d) She was Rush Limbaugh's OxyContin connection.

33. Which is not a new tenant of the Old Post Office?

a) Webster University.

b) HOK Architects.

c) St. Louis Public Library.

d) The Pasta House Co.

34. For what purpose did Senator Jim Talent propose lighting the Arch pink?

a) To express his opposition to the gay-marriage amendment.

b) "Pink is the new silver."

c) Issues of national security, economics and health reform aren't as fun to sponsor as a pink Arch.

d) To promote breast cancer-awareness month.

35. During a radio interview, Nelly said this: "Kelly has a nice shape on her. I gotta get at her." Which Kelly was he looking to bag?

a) Ripa.

b) Rowland.

c) Preston.

d) Clarkson.

36. Who won the X-Prize?

a) SpaceShipOne.

b) DaVinci Project.

c) Jenna Jameson Space Systems.

d) Enterprise Robotics.

37. Who said this about whom: "I thought he was cute -- not anymore"?

a) A former Nelly fan who says he's "played out."

b) Katie Wolfmeyer on Mike Danton.

c) Mike Danton on his agent, David Frost.

d) A disgruntled female Cardinals fan on Joe Buck.

38. Emergency responders used a robot to blow up what near the Arch?

a) A six-pack of Pimp Juice.

b) A letter bomb.

c) A Ryder truck.

d) A jug of orange juice.

39. Which Post-Dispatch topic did general assignment reporter Todd C. Frankel not cover?

a) A Virgin Mary image in a hardwood floor.

b) Lily, the grouchy groundhog.

c) Daffodil patterns along highways.

d) A prankster who convinced strangers to send letters to his mom.

40. What did St. Louis City Excise Commissioner Bob Kraiberg propose installing in Soulard?

a) A permanent shrine to the Soulard Mardi Gras.

b) A billboard warning drinkers on the dangers of alcohol.

c) Security cameras to watch the area's alleyways.

d) A trolley system.

41. Match the rhyme with the rapper.

1. Chingy.

2. Nelly.

3. Murphy Lee.

4. J-Kwon.

a) "She started feelin' on my johnson right out the blue/Girl you super-thick so I'm thinkin' that's cool."

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