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The Year in Review: A Quiz

b) "I like my booties and my boobs like a capital letter 'B'/That's how it is, how it better be."

c) "She wanna fly south for the winter/I might just go down south just to win her."

d) "After the club we can check in at five-star telly/Get a suite an let me put somethin' in your belly."

Mike Gorman
Mike Gorman

42. What was Rams wide receiver Torry Holt filmed doing during halftime on Monday Night Football?

a) Applying a banned steroid lotion onto his legs.

b) Wearing a pink tutu.

c) Making out with a Rams cheerleader.

d) Urinating in the Green Bay Packers' water cooler.

43. In August, local lawyers Gary Burger and Mark Cantor were arrested for flourishing dangerous and deadly weapons. What were they doing?

a) Pretending to be terrorists in order to raise awareness on security vulnerabilities around the Arch.

b) Roaming through an office building trying to shoot each other with toy guns.

c) Attempting to sneak onto a Lambert runway to hijack a Cessna.

d) Making a fake kidnapping video to extort money from a client.

44. Which star of the hit film Garden State grew up in St. Louis?

a) Zach Braff.

b) Natalie Portman.

c) Peter Sarsgaard.

d) Ian Holm.

45. What is the Missouri Two-Step?

a) A police practice of questioning a suspect twice, once before the Miranda warning, and then once afterward.

b) A police practice of soliciting and receiving oral sex from a male prostitute and then arresting him for performing homosexual acts.

c) A police practice of arresting a female suspect and making her dance to an R. Kelly song.

d) A police practice of setting up fake roadblocks and pulling a driver over when they attempt to exit before encountering it.

46. Who didn't sue local technology company 321 Studios this year?

a) Nintendo.

b) Universal Studios.

c) Sony PlayStation.

d) TDK recordable DVDs.

47. In April, Ron and Tina Otten of Granite City had sextuplets. Which is not one of their names?

a) Madison.

b) LaKeisha.

c) Tyler.

d) Rileigh.

e) Joshua.

f) Jacob.

g) Isabella.

48. "They suck our blood, so we get to be nasty right back." Who said this?

a) School board member Vince Schoemehl, on St. Louis elementary school students.

b) Regional Commerce and Growth Association director Dick Fleming, on his hiring a vampire as an advisor to combat Chicago's regional success in attracting new investment.

c) Area blood specialist Dr. William Barry, on efforts to control the rabid bat population.

d) Mark Ritter of the city health department, on efforts to combat the mosquito problem.

49. Who is the current acting superintendent of St. Louis Public Schools?

a) Floyd Crues.

b) Rudy Crew.

c) Pamela Hughes.

d) Huey Lewis.

50. Which word did St. Louis-area spelling-bee champ Rajiv Tarigopula misspell in the nationals?

a) Xenial.

b) Katana.

c) Nerd.

d) Photeolic.

51. Clayton banned which of the following from outdoor dining patios?

a) White plastic chairs.

b) Smoking.

c) Glass bottles.

d) Mullets.

52. What did Jefferson County police discover in a High Ridge water tower?

a) A methamphetamine lab.

b) A two-headed snake.

c) A stash of ricin.

d) Two tons of marijuana.

53. Steak n Shake sued Burger King in St. Louis U.S. District Court. What was Steak n Shake's complaint?

a) Burger King stole their strawberry shake recipe.

b) Burger King stole a SpongeBob SquarePants inflatable from atop a Steak n Shake.

c) Burger King's use of the phrase "Take home a sack."

d) Burger King's use of the words "steak burger" to describe Burger King's new offering.

54. Why did Wyland Elementary Cub Scout Pack 765 kick out Christopher Irby?

a) He is retarded.

b) He is gay.

c) He couldn't earn his fire-safety merit badge.

d) He is African-American.

55. What was the "illegal weapon" that prompted National Parks Service guards working security duty at the Gateway Arch to write Jim Floersch a $150 ticket?

a) A concealed handgun.

b) A jug of explosive orange juice.

c) A pocketknife.

d) Nunchucks.

56. In which weight class does boxing champ Cory Spinks fight?

a) Heavyweight.

b) Welterweight.

c) Light heavyweight.

d) Flyweight.

57. To what was St. Louis Police Chief Joe Mokwa referring to as a "nice Sunday event"?

a) The Annie Malone parade, during which six people were shot.

b) A drunken Mardi Gras celebration in Soulard.

c) The Saint Patrick's Day celebration during which Baton Bob was arrested.

d) Archbishop Raymond Burke's coronation.

58. Which of these local celebrities didn't get a star on the walk of fame this year?

a) Harold Ramis.

b) David Sanborn.

c) Mary Wickes.

d) Ann Peebles.

59. Who was William B. Ittner?

a) A famed architect who built historic city schools.

b) The former city planner who devised the 1947 comprehensive city plan.

c) The inventor of Switzer's red licorice.

d) A historian who claimed Lewis and Clark were homosexual lovers.

60. What were the first names of Lewis & Clark?

a) Jerry and Dick.

b) Meriwether and Nathaniel.

c) Meriwether and William.

d) Meriwether and Richard.

61. In March, 45 students at Lafayette Elementary School contracted food poisoning. What caused it?

a) Salisbury steak and tater tots.

b) Corn dogs and French fries.

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