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The Year in Review: A Quiz

87. Who the hell is Larry Forgione?

a) The reputed boss of the revitalized Giannola crime family.

b) A local photographer whose work "Rose and Hips" in this year's Whitney Biennial was critically acclaimed.

Mike Gorman
Mike Gorman

c) The New York restaurateur who just opened An American Place on Washington Avenue.

d) A downtown developer whose alternate plan for the Century Building was railroaded by City Hall.

88. Who are the Doughnut Brothers?

a) Rams offensive linemen Adam Timmerman and Andy McCollum.

b) Rising St. Louis hip-hop producers Krispee Cream and Dunkin' d)

c) Local twins who landed in Guinness Book of World Records for eating 264 doughnuts in three minutes.

d) WFUN's new morning-show jocks.

89. Regional Commerce and Growth Association consultant David Z. Levin was fired from his high-paying gig after it was revealed that he was a practicing:

a) Astrologer.

b) Wiccan.

c) Clairvoyant.

d) Chiropractor.

90. Which of the following was not an event at the Blanche M. Touhill Center for the Performing Arts this year?

a) Jamie Farr as George Burns in Say Goodnight, Gracie.

b) Macbeth as performed by characters on The Simpsons.

c) Barbara Eden and Rita McKenzie in an all-female version of The Odd Couple.

d) Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges in a musical adaptation of Raisin in the Sun.

91. What is the name of the two-headed rat snake stolen (and recovered) from the City Museum?

a) Ditto.

b) Siamese.

c) We.

d) Medusa.

92. "I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I faced my giant. I faced the person who has been doing all these things to me." Who said this?

a) Brenda Warner during a radio station call-in show, on Mike Martz.

b) Former school-board member Rochell Moore, after dousing an assistant superintendent with water.

c) School board member Bill Haas, after confronting acting superintendent Bill Roberti about selling off empty schools.

d) Baton Bob, after confronting the director of the Dogtown St. Patrick's Day parade.

93. In March, parking attendant Dion Stovall was arrested after selling what from his City Hall booth?

a) Counterfeit DVDs.

b) Marijuana.

c) Crack.

d) Scalped World Series tickets.

94. Who is St. Louis' official fitness czar?

a) Bernie Miklasz.

b) Ozzie Smith.

c) Kurt Warner.

d) Cindy Preszler.

95. Restaurant manager Matt Forker was quoted as saying, "They said it was going to be the biggest event ever down here, and I don't think that's the case." To what was he referring?

a) The Lewis & Clark reenactment festivities.

b) 2004 Fair St. Louis.

c) St. Louis 2004 celebration in Forest Park.

d) 2004 Soulard Mardi Gras.

96. Why was Denny's worker Anthony Lindhorst arrested? a) For refusing to seat an African-American couple.

b) For placing stolen Denny's items on Ebay.

c) For dealing marijuana while waiting tables.

d) For tainting food with his semen.

97. What spurred Illinois Republican senate candidate Jack Ryan to withdraw from the race?

a) Allegations that he took his ex-wife to sex clubs and encouraged her to have sex with him while others watched.

b) He appointed his former gay lover to a midlevel government position.

c) He was caught in a "compromising position" in a men's-room stall.

d) Alan Keyes entered the race.

98. Which university will prize Poplar Bluff High School basketball recruit Tyler Hansbrough be attending this coming fall?

a) Kentucky.

b) Sanford-Brown.

c) North Carolina.

d) Mineral Area.

99. When Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols held a press conference to announce his signing of a seven-year, $100 million contract, whom did he say he was "borrowing" the money from?

a) Alan Greenspan.

b) Bill DeWitt.

c) Donald Trump.

d) God.

100. St. Louis Public Schools spent $45,000 this year on an outreach campaign to remind students to:

a) Put their shirts on before leaving the house in the morning.

b) Eat food with utensils.

c) Make sure to attend the first day of school.

d) Pull down pants before going pee-pee.

ANSWERS: 1. d. 2. a. 3. b. 4. d. 5. b. 6. c. 7. a. 8. c. 9. b. 10. c. 11. a. 12. 1-b., 2-e., 3-d., 4-c., 5-a. 13. a. 14. d. 15. c. 16. a. 17. d. 18. a. 19. 1-c., 2-a., 3-d., 4-b., 5-e. 20. d. 21. c. 22. a. 23. b. 24. c. 25. a. 26. c. 27. d. 28. b. 29. d. 30. c. 31. c. 32. a. 33. b. 34. d. 35. d. 36. a. 37. b. 38. d. 39. a. 40. c. 41. 1-d., 2-c., 3-b., 4-a. 42. b. 43. b. 44. c. 45. a. 46. d. 47. b. 48. d. 49. c. 50. d. 51. a. 52. a. 53. d. 54. a. 55. b. 56. b. 57. a. 58. d. 59. a. 60. c. 61. c. 62. b. 63. a. 64. b. 65. a. 66. c. 67. b. 68. b. 69. a. 70. d. 71. a. 72. c. 73. b. 74. d. 75. c. 76. d. 77. b. 78. a. 79. b. 80. d. 81. b. 82. a. 83. c. 84. b. 85. d. 86. a. 87. c. 88. a. 89. c. 90. d. 91. c. 92. b. 93. c. 94. b. 95. a. 96. d. 97. a. 98. c. 99. d. 100. c.

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