King's English

Boxing promoter and great orator Don King pontificates on the Lou, and we stumble across a photo-enhanced Local Blog o' the Week. Plus: the super-snazzy logo that's going to save our public schools.

How about asking MacFarlane? Surely he'd have some suggestions!

A fancy logo just might heal our public schools' ills.
Dan Zettwoch
A fancy logo just might heal our public schools' ills.

Sure enough, the ad man got right back to Unreal with an e-mailed brainstorm: "A classic serif font," says he. "A heraldic angel bearing the light of knowledge, pouring an urn into a river of cascading cash, with a hillside of children, parents, teachers, administrators, donors and politicians dancing, arm in arm down a golden hillside, with maybe some vector art of a classroom full of space-age computers behind it all, with a tasty gaussian drop shadow and a Latin motto encircling all.... Maybe then city schools could be well-funded, safe, technologically up to date, staffed by well-paid teachers, serving only healthy, fresh food. Parents would no longer have to work two jobs and kids would grow up into beaming, healthy, free Bodhisattvas."

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