Unreal kicks it with a 64-year-old college student, attends a Jell-O-shot-fueled party at the Tri-City Speedway and peruses a local mom's Blog o' the Week; plus, why eat a Thickburger when you can have Butter on a Stick?

Recent Highlight (January 10, 2005): A few days back, Mimi Smartypants posted an interesting point about the importance of apostrophes.

I am very aware of apostrophes. I know that Starbucks does not have an apostrophe. Hardee's? Yes. McDonald's? Again, yes. Applebee's? Yes. Borders? No.

MC and I took a trip to Target this morning, because we were in need of crib sheets and an Elmo DVD. (Shut up.) On the way, we were behind a car with personalized license plates. In bold letters, the plates proclaimed that the driver of the car was a SIDS MOM. This broke my heart. Because I've been fragile these past few days, I actually turned down our David Mead CD and slowed down a bit.

Dan Zettwoch

Betty Rabin's "got the heart of a 25-year-old."
Betty Rabin's "got the heart of a 25-year-old."

But then I got to thinking. Although the car seat in her car was empty, the car was decked out with all things kid-like. Winnie the Pooh window shades, Fisher-Price jungle hanging toys, stuffed animals crammed into the back window...

Not SIDS Mom. Sid's mom!

Time to write my Department of Revenue and suggest the apostrophe for use on plates. In my opinion, this will prevent quite a bit of confusion and distress.

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