Martha Wainwright

Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole (Zoe Records)

Genius rarely runs in the family. Jakob Dylan can’t hold a candle to his dad’s work without going up in flames, and it’s best not to even think about Wilson Phillips. Fortunately, the daughter of Loudon Wainwright III and Kate McGarrigle is an anomaly. Martha Wainwright plays unique, captivating, rock-ous music built on the family tradition of drama, humor and introspection. While her raw intensity makes comparisons to other folk-rock grrrls inevitable, there’s more Morrissey than Morissette on Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole, Wainwright’s mature, honest debut. The unexpectedly subtle title track showcases her no-frills strum, lyrical wit and nimble pipes. The spare, secular gospel of “I Will Internalize,” the Buckley-esque lament “It’s Over” and the catchy “How Soon” further prove that Rufus’ little sister can back up her name-brand lineage with originality, versatility and range.