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Unreal learns where dinos fit into the Bible, meets a plow-truck innovator and crunches numbers for St. Louis County. Plus: John Goodman makes an appearance in the Local Blog o' the Week!

"When we started the 21st century, the snowplow industry was still handicapped with the paradigm of using 12-foot plows," says the 54-year-old Lannert, who spends the workweek in Jefferson City serving as an engineer with the Missouri Department of Transportation. "My farming experience allowed me to apply my experience to overcome the history."

The result: TowPLow, a trailer-type plowing device that hooks to the back of a conventional plow truck, extending its snow-clearing capabilities to 28 feet.

"I recognize that our means of living and things we do are dependent on transportation," Lannert says. "When it slows, everything slows down. When transportation comes to a stop, what is the impact on our lifestyle?"

Dan Zettwoch

TowPLow debuted last month in MoDOT's Kansas City division; St. Louis will get ours sometime in the next two weeks. Lannert says folks from transportation departments in other states have expressed interest as well, but he shrugs off Unreal's suggestion that his profound plowing improvement might make him rich.

"I've got things in snow-removal I still want to do," he says modestly. "For now, I'm flying below the radar."

Plow on, Mr. Lannert. Plow on!

Do the Numbers

St. Louis County officials expressed disappointment earlier this month when a street count revealed just 23 homeless people. Organizers of the tally declined to say how many homeless they'd hoped to find in the county but feared the low number could jeopardize federal grant money for the indigent.

Looking to put the number in perspective, Unreal did some county counting of our own. The chart below reveals the ratio of homeless to other denizens of St. Louis County.

Deer 1:1,547

Applebee's 1.2:1

Idle rich 1:152

Crosswalks 2:1

Tribute bands 1:27

Sasquatches 1:1

Suburban Journal titles 1:1.5

Hoosiers 1:37,000

SUVs 1:520

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