Fantastic Four

We look back on the career of Gary Mac and check out the concerts of the Final Four

Rhyming "know" with "know" is risky, but it just works doesn't it? Plus, there's the added "oooo-ah" background vocals after every "if this is it." Obviously Huey Lewis would have been nothing without the News. Oooo-ah.

We do know that Huey Lewis and the News are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. Trends come and go, but Huey remains.

Speaking of trends, Kelly Clarkson headlines Dasani Fest (co-sponsored by the RFT) at Gateway One Plaza on Sunday, along with Joss Stone and Gavin DeGraw. They will be joined in smaller font by Better Than Ezra and Michael Tolcher. For those cave-dwellers among us, Clarkson is the original American Idol. If you haven't heard her latest single, "Breakaway," just turn on the radio and wait two minutes. The chorus goes a little something like this:

Hey, I-70, here's a better Mac than McGwire.
Jennifer Silverberg
Hey, I-70, here's a better Mac than McGwire.


Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, April 3. Tickets are $25-$250; call the Cardinal Glennon Developmental Office at 314- 577-5605 for more information.

Kelly Clarkson, Joss Stone, Gavin DeGraw, Better Than Ezra and Michael Tolcher at Gateway One Plaza, Seventh & Market streets. Noon-7 p.m. Sunday, April 3. Admission is free; see for more information.

Nelly and the St. Lunatics with T.I. and Fat Joe at the Savvis Center, 14th & Clark streets. 7 p.m. Sunday, April 3. Tickets are $25.50-$45.50; call 314- 241-1888 for more information.

Fox Theatre, 527 North Grand Boulevard

"I'll spread my wings/And I'll learn how to fly/I'll do what it takes/Till I touch the sky/And I'll make a wish, take a chance, make a change/And break away."

We think the part about touching the sky is a metaphor. But you never can tell with those American Idols because of all the idolatry they inspire. Listening to Kelly Clarkson really is like touching the sky. Or fondling the wispy tendrils of pop culture paganism. Either way, we love you, Kelly. Kelly forever! Careful though. That young British soul singer Joss Stone may not have finished high school, but she has some mighty powerful pipes.

Michael Tolcher rounds out the fest thanks to his unbelievably annoying hit single, "Mission Responsible." If you hear this song once, it will be stuck in your head for three days. You've been warned. He has a set of rabid fans who call themselves the Tolchettes. You've been warned twice.

"Mission Responsible" flows along the Jason Mraz/Jack Johnson vein of songwriting, which means it has lots of lyrics and repetitive chord changes. The chorus goes a little something like this:

"Well, there's people out there/But it's people we are/We're just faces from different places/Drinkin' juice from Mason jars/I'm on a mission responsible/Say your goodbyes."

Every time the chorus repeats, two of the lines change. By the end of the song, we've moved from juice and Mason jars to smoking dope and rocking out on guitars.

Quite a leap, but Michael probably knows what he's doing. If he's unsure, he can always skip over to the Savvis Center, where Nelly and the St. Lunatics will be making a hometown appearance. Since you have all of Nelly's lyrics memorized, we'll leave you with these parting thoughts courtesy of "Country Grammar":

"Mmmmm, you can find me in St. Louis rollin' on dubs/Smokin' on dubs in clubs, blowin' up like Cocoa Puffs."

Sounds like Nelly and Michael Tolcher have more in common than they thought. Now if only they could hook up Huey and Kelly -- then we could really talk about the power of love. -- Jess Minnen

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