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An embarrassing month for Washington University

"It was not a data error, and nobody's files were corrupted," Chauvin goes on. "We sincerely apologize to everyone and anyone who was affected. From now on we'll have a more scrupulous review of these forms."

Not everyone is buying the official line. "My friend speculated that they were putting it out to people who hadn't responded to any fundraising queries recently," says Bill Watson, a Class of 2000 mechanical-engineering grad. "His thought was that if you send somebody something that's all screwed up, they'll think it's funny and it'll catch their attention."

After realizing the gaffe, the alumni office sent out corrected forms and notes of apology -- perhaps the classiest act in a very bad month.

"This is probably the most publicity my school has ever received," Fark.com habitué "barfooz" noted of the drunken sorority soirée and the dorm vandalism. "Go Wash U!"

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