Spring Cleaning

Unreal contemplates a quickie with Mr. Clean, celebrates Poop for Peace Day and meets "The World's Foremost Expert on Nametags." Plus, a local blogger adjusts to the clothes-wearing life.

The last time Unreal consulted orgasm queen Patty Brisben, the CEO of Cincinnati-based Pure Romance sent us a goodie bag. And bless her heart, we made it through winter!

Now that it's spring, Unreal can't help feeling pure bliss just taking a walk down the block, what with the balmy breezes firing up our insides. 'Tis a season pregnant with possibility, like a poke on a putting green or park bench, wethinks. Of course, spring's also a time for cleaning. That, too, Brisben reminds us, turns on the love.

Unreal: Everybody scours their cupboards and closets come spring, but you suggest polishing our relationships. Why's that?

Robert Ullman

Patty Brisben: In wintertime we hibernate and forget how to reinvent ourselves, so tune-ups are essential. Getting in touch with nature is a lot of fun. Pitch a tent, go camping, take a walk: That boosts your libido. Spring air is a natural aphrodisiac.

What about vibrators and butt plugs -- should we clean those?

You should use a product such as "Come Clean" before and after every use, every season, but especially in the spring, because some toys get overused in the winter months. Even the smoothest of vibrators -- with the exception of silicone ones -- have pores that form bacteria.

Speaking of cleaning solutions, wouldn't it be fun to use Fantastik or Mr. Clean during sex?

I think using Body Butter or Whipped would be a lot better. Whipped makes the body taste awesome, like orange Creamsicle, bananas Foster or strawberry cheese cake.

What do you think about doing it on a just-mopped kitchen floor?

It depends on what you mopped it with. If it's Pine-Sol, don't! There's something nasty about the smell of Pine-Sol. Hot soapy water on the floor? Now we're talking!

What if we used Like a Virgin, the 24-hour vaginal tightener, to clean our kitchen sink?

I think it would probably suck up all the bacteria.

But it wouldn't get us going?

Oh! If you happen to get anything in that area, absolutely. Now -- if I was going to clean my kitchen with anything, I'd clean my kitchen with Ecstasy.

The drug?

No, a product. I'd rub it on my counter and sit on it naked. When the cream secretes into the clitoral area, it'll make the blood rush in there. Basically it's going to make everything he does feel wonderful -- even if he did it wrong.


"Read This, Bitches"


Author: ?

About the blogger: She's a 28-year-old Korean adoptee and former stripper who recently returned to "the working world of the clothed."

Recent Highlight (February 25, 2005): [...] So I was driving home tonight and it dawned on me, I put my boyfriend's kids on the same level as my dog. That is, when it comes to SBD. Turtle likes to sleep with me under the blankets. Normally he's curled up somewhere around my knees with his back against my butt. All night long I just let them go. Ones that smell so bad that waft up through the blankets and swirl around in the open air for a few minutes, and ones that heat up the air so bad underneath the blanket my legs start to sweat. I love my dog, and even though I still think that comedian's full of shit, I'm now trying to prevent weight gain. Tonight I had both kids in the back and I was just letting them fly. If that were my boyfriend or roommate in the car, I would have held them. But since it was just the kids, well let's just say no matches allowed. I love those kids, but...

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Hello Our Name is Unreal

When Unreal learned that Scott "The World's Foremost Expert on Nametags" Ginsberg was living in our midst, we had to give the guy a call. Not surprisingly, Ginsberg was more than happy to talk about nametags, networking and his new book, The Power of Approachability.

Unreal: How does one become The World's Foremost Expert on Nametags?

Scott Ginsberg: When the Washington Post tells it to you, you just assume it's correct. The knowledge of nametags is something I've researched and experienced extensively, but it's not so much about nametags as it is about approachability, because that's what nametags are all about: The nametag is a symbol of approachability.

What are the hallmarks of good nametagging?

Number one is the size of the font. I can't tell you how many nametags I've seen where you have to squint up in the person's chest to read it. That's invasive -- and if it's a woman, that's even worse.

You're also an expert on "mobile approachability"?

Most outgoing voicemails are terrible. One of the ways you can be more inviting is to have a more fun and creative voicemail. For example, every month I have a different question on my voicemail. People will leave an answer to the question because it's fun and you get to share and learn about each other.

Your book lists the "Seven Habits of Highly Horrible Networkers." What's the worst networking strategy?

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