The Corner Man

Your boy wonder lost his title and won't take your calls. What's a trainer to do? Find another prodigy.

When the journalists finally come to on this afternoon in April, Cunningham will answer questions about his event's featured fighters: to his right, William Guthrie; and to his left, ex-Olympian and recent Cunningham signee David Diaz.

And, of course, eighteen-year-old phenom Devon Alexander, who's scheduled to go six rounds against junior-welterweight John Rudolph.

"He's known as 'Alexander the Great!'" Cunningham trumpets. "A lot of people said, 'That's a lot of pressure to have a name like that.' Well, this kid has the skills, the talent and the ability to carry a name like that. And I'm telling you, he's gonna be the next superstar to come out of St. Louis.

"Get your tickets. Don't miss it," he admonishes the journos. "It's going to be a great night of boxing!"

One after another the boxers are called to the podium. Alexander, who got to skip trig class for this, can barely choke any words past his gargantuan smile.

"I'm just like Cory," he says, shyly licking his lips. "I'm fin' to be champion, in a minute."

Suddenly the world brims with potential. And for what seems like the first time in months, Kevin Cunningham flashes a grin.

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