Get Your Acts Together

Our handy guide to this year's Music Showcase

It's an odd and obsessive person who knows something about all of the acts performing at this year's showcase. Maybe you've got the hip-hop, the DJs and the live dance down cold...but what about the metal? Very few people will be hip to both crunk and punk. So for you, dear readers, we put together this guide. No more squinting at the schedule and saying, "I don't know anything about the band playing next." For when you have finished reading this, you'll know at least five whole things about each performer. Use it to branch out and learn something about the broad and bustling St. Louis scene. And have fun.

Main Outdoor Stage

1 P.M. -- SAC LUNCH Web

Sounds like: A funky version of the Roots

Trivia: One of their MCs is also a graphic designer

Often plays: Velvet (every Friday)

Music available: From their Web site, at shows and at Vintage Vinyl

3 P.M. -- LOJIC Also known as: Your secret lover

Music available: At or at Vintage Vinyl

Dream venue: Catholic high school mixer

Gets pissed: About lack of unity in the local scene

Beverage of choice: Water, beer and blood

4 P.M. -- THE WHOLE SICK CREW Sounds like: Punk-rock pirates

Trivia: Not your typical lineup -- banjo, mandolin, xylophone and fiddle

Music available: At (audio file downloads)

Often plays: 21+ shows

Fan attire: Black (they threaten to make June 25 at the Hi-Pointe their last show)

5 P.M. -- CORE PROJECT Web site:

Trivia: Went on tour with Nelly

Music available: At Vintage Vinyl, Streetside, Sam Goody, Borders

Worst gig ever: In front of Burlington Coat Factory

Beverage of choice: Weed


Sounds like: Aretha Franklin channeling Etta James

Trivia: Made her musical debut in It Ain't Nothing but the Blues

Often plays: A scorching cover of Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love"

Recent release: The Diva Survival Guide

7 P.M. -- THE SCHWAG Web site:

Trivia: Purchased a 330-acre campground where they throw several annual Schwagstock festivals

Music available: At shows and various local record stores

Dream venue: Red Rocks Amphitheatre outside Denver, Colorado

Their Rolling Stone cover will read:"Rolling Stoned with The Schwag"

Market in the Loop Outdoor Stage

1:30 P.M. -- THE CHOIR (formerly The Spiders) Trivia: Groupies? They married 'em

Music available: At shows

Gets pissed: At Beatle Bob

Favorite local venue: Stratford Inn

Best gig ever: Not playing Rock Island

3 P.M. -- DUBTRONIX Sounds like: Heavy dub, instrumental roots reggae

Trivia: Dubtronix's DJ Ranx runs the late-night dub show (2 to 4 a.m.) on KDHX

Music available: At Vintage Vinyl

Fan attire: Yellow, red and green, mon!

Often plays: Blues on Main Street in Collinsville

4:30 P.M. -- THE PUBES Web site:

Trivia: They're dead serious

New Music: Just started recording a new studio album with Matt Bug of Ded Bugs

Often plays: The Hi-Pointe and the Creepy Crawl

Their Rolling Stone cover will read: "Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets in Cambodia"

6 P.M. -- SOULARD BLUES BAND Web site:

Starring: Art Dwyer, John Mondin, Bob Kamoske, John Wolf and Kirk Grice

Music available: On their Web site and at Vintage Vinyl

Recent release: Trickle Down Blues

Often plays: Broadway Oyster Bar (every Monday)

7:30 P.M. -- MURDER CITY PLAYERS Web site: Not really, but they're on

Trivia: Nine band members is a lot of band members

Often plays: Duck Room, Caribbean Sun

Dream venue: Jamaica

Best gig ever: Backing the Itals, the Ethiopians and U-Roy

Blueberry Hill-- Duck Room

6:30 P.M. -- HARKONIN Sounds like: Midwestern metal

Trivia: Drummer used to gig with late-'80s local band Dain Bramage

Dream venue: Wacken, an open-air heavy-metal music festival in Germany

Gets pissed: About everything but Harkonin

Beverage of choice: Beer and lots of it

8 P.M. -- THE CONFORMISTS Web site:

Trivia: Rocked Delmar from the back of a flatbed truck when not invited to play the showcase

Music available: From their Web site, from Collective Records and at Vintage Vinyl

Recent release: Two Hundred (2004)

Often plays: Lemp Arts Center

9:30 P.M. -- THE ELECTRIC Web site:

Together since: May 2001

Trivia: Caused $200 in property damage at the Eastside Tavern in Columbia

Gets pissed: About the lack of a local scene

Beverage of choice: A cocktail of beer, sweat and snot

11 P.M. -- TRIP DADDYS Web site:

Sounds like: Rockabilly

Trivia:Just celebrated their ten-year anniversary

Dream venue: Madison Square Garden

Gets pissed: When P.A.s are crappy

Blueberry Hill -- Elvis Room

7 P.M. -- THE ALL-STARS Trivia: Recently opened for Nelly at Savvis Center

Love them: Because they do community service projects while on tour

Favorite local venue: The Spot and the Pageant

Biggest crowd: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Beverage of choice: Cold water

8 P.M. -- DJ NEEDLES Sounds like: A hot hip-hop spin cycle

Trivia: He's a former member of the Soul Tyde collective and used to be a Q95.5 DJ

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