Get Your Acts Together

Our handy guide to this year's Music Showcase

Often plays: The Science at Blueberry Hill

Recent release: Provided the beats for the track "From Here" on the new Nato Caliph seven-inch

Favorite way to unwind: Poker and Chappelle's Show

9 P.M. -- RUKA PUFF Sounds like: A crunk brawl

Trivia: Almost certainly the most giiii-normous musician playing the showcase

Music available: From Riverfront Records

Recent release: Escaped: Off the Chains

Fan attire: Apple Bottoms and bling

10 P.M. -- DJ CRUCIAL Web site:

Trivia: Did a track with MC Eiht (of Compton's Most Wanted)

Music available: At Vintage Vinyl

Gets pissed: When people aren't supportive of one another

Everyone should: Know he doesn't smoke dope


6 P.M. -- FEMME FATALITY Sounds like: Dance punk

Trivia: Once mistakenly labeled as actually female by the RFT

Music available: At Vintage Vinyl

Often plays: Crowded shows at the Creepy Crawl

Fan Attire: It's still the '80s -- really


Starring: Don Tinsley, Mo Egeston, Christian Oncken and Dawn Weber

Sounds like: Electronic dance music with life

Trivia: Mo and Dawn also play around town as a duo

Fan attire: Parachute pants

8:45 P.M. -- SECRET CAJUN BAND(late addition) 10:00 P.M. -- MADAHOOCHI Web site:

Trivia: Scott Rockwell is generally regarded as one of the best young guitarists in St. Louis

Music available: At shows and at Vintage Vinyl

Often plays: Cicero's (every Monday), Backstreet Jazz & Blues (every Wednesday)

Fan attire: Patchwork & patchouli

Delmar Restaurant & Lounge

7 P.M. -- BERRY Web site:

Sounds like: Mopey, pretty indie rock

Music available: At Vintage Vinyl

Recent release: Marriage, their first LP

Fan attire: Cigarette pants, white belts, corduroy jackets and tousled hair

8:30 P.M. -- 7 SHOT SCREAMERS Web site:

Trivia: Recently hired to be the back-up band for Exene Cervenka (of the legendary punk band X)

Often plays: The Way Out Club

Worst gig ever: Portland, Maine, last summer -- broken bottles, the hospital, etc.

Beverage of choice: Free beer

10 P.M. -- YOWIE Sounds like: An algebra test in stereo

Trivia: Pronounced "you-e," and hey, there's no bass player!

Music available: At

Often plays: The small recesses of your mind

Recent release: Cryptooology, an "album at war"

11:30 P.M. -- CORBETA CORBATA Sounds like: An early version of The Fall

Music available: At Vintage Vinyl

Often plays: The Creepy Crawl

Recent release: Investing With... on Collective Records

Recent gig of note: Opening for jazz-punkers Nomeansno

Halo Bar

7 P.M. -- THE MEGA HURTS Web site:

Sounds like: Pop-punk goodness

Often plays: Lemmons, CBGB, the Gearbox

Beverage of choice: The alcoholic kind

Nixed band name: Young Strippers of America

8:30 P.M. -- THE GENTLEMAN CALLERS Web site:

Trivia: Their debut seven-inch sold out in Europe

Worst gig ever: Years ago at the Creepy Crawl -- only two people showed up

Beverage of choice: Beer

Misconception: They're garage, not retro

10 P.M. -- BUNNYGRUNT Sounds like: Twee power pop

Trivia: Has a song on the Bad Santa soundtrack

Music available: At Vintage Vinyl

Often plays: In the studio, where they're at work on a new album

Fan attire: Dress sharp

11:30 P.M. -- SEX ROBOTS Sounds like: Crack rock

Trivia: Almost the same lineup as the Pubes

Music available: From local label Roadhouse Tunes (

Often plays: Wire, Otis Redding covers

Fan Attire: Thrift-store chic

Pin-Up Bowl

7 P.M. -- ROB LEMON Web site:

Trivia: Signed autographs for two hours in Kansas City

Gets pissed: When club owners screw promoters

Beverage of choice: Grey Goose & sugar-free Red Bull

Everyone should: Wear comfortable dancing shoes to his gigs

8 P.M. -- KID DELICIOUS Trivia: Won a trip to Miami to play the Winter Music Conference, courtesy of the RFT

Day job: Real estate appraiser

Dream venue: The Dockside in Belgium

Often plays: The Pepper Lounge, Velvet, Upstairs Lounge, Drunken Fish, Oz

Beverage of choice: Lots of Red Bull and water

9 P.M. -- MIKE GOW Web site:

Day job: Spinal-implant salesman and marketing manager

Best gig ever: New Year's Eve for the millennium at the Quest Club in Minneapolis

Beverage of choice: Tanqueray & tonic

His Rolling Stone cover will read: "Holy Gow!"

10 P.M. -- JIM K Web site:

Trivia: This is jungle, not techno

Often plays: Upstairs Lounge, 609

Best gig ever: Washington Avenue Beat Festival 2000

Gets pissed: That the local scene is so small

11 P.M. -- STEVE-O Web site:

Sounds like: Anything but techno

Dream venue: Anywhere in Europe

Best gig ever: New Year's Eve for the millennium in Köln, Germany

Beverage of choice: Red Bull and water 609

7 P.M. -- DAVE STONE TRIO Sounds like: Traditional jazz trio with an avant-garde twist

Trivia: Won the RFT music award in this category last year

Often plays: Mangia Italiano (every Friday night)

Fan attire: Buddy Holly glasses

Dream venue: Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia, Italy

8:20 P.M. -- RONDO'S BLUES DELUXE Sounds like: St. Louis blues at its best

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