No Alternative

Keep your theories to yourself -- Brendan Benson is just a singer in a rock & roll band

So, let's review. According to Benson, there is no theme to an apparently thematic record. There are no lofty arrangements of sounds and lyrics, and the album's title and standout track are, basically, happy accidents. What gives? Is Brendan Benson a musical genius playing the role of a ho-hum rock & roller?

Brendan Benson: "Cherchez la femme!"
Brendan Benson: "Cherchez la femme!"


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Probably not. But there is something pleasantly off-putting about the man's ability to create a cohesive work and shrug off its significance. The more time we spend with our noses in the liner notes, the less time we spend listening to the actual music. Such dissections of words and meaning are directed at the brain -- and Benson is more concerned with the heart.

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