Naked Brides

Boo the Clown helps Unreal overcome our fear of clownkind, and La Leche League puts it all out there during World Breastfeeding Awareness Week. Plus -- want to see a truly blushing bride? Take away her dress.

Amanda Ireland: We're having a carnival at the Ethical Society on Saturday [from 10 a.m. till 12:30 p.m.]. There will be educational seminars and events for children. We'll also sell bracelets to raise funds for breastfeeding awareness and legislative issues.

These bracelets, are they purplish-pink like a mother's swollen nipples or ivory white like mom's sweet emulsion?

They're more of a purplish-pink.

Zuma Press

You say Missouri's law regarding public breastfeeding [R.S. Mo. 191.918] may be unconstitutional. Could you explain?

The law states that a mother may breastfeed in public, provided she does so with as much discretion as possible. We feel the onus shouldn't be on the mother to hide under blankets.

When encountering a mother breastfeeding in public, is it best to look away quickly, like we do when passing a disfigured panhandler, or should we regale her with idle chit-chat, perhaps commenting on her child's hearty appetite?

I think people should congratulate the mother. In a bottle-feeding culture, it takes a lot of courage to breastfeed in public. For me, I'm fairly defiant. I just sit there with a big smile on my face and dare people to stop me. I don't sit there like a victim.

Aren't you concerned some perv might get off on looking at your boobies?

In America the breast is sexualized. But as soon as you put a baby on it, it's really not sexy anymore. It's that Madonna/whore complex. Even when I look my best, the guys see that baby and just shut off.



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