Knights in White Satin

We explore Dr. Who's link to the White Stripes, get medieval on Into the Moat and imagine 50 Cent's future business endeavors

Li'l Bitchez: The cutest, cuddliest haters on the planet! These plush Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Jadakiss and Nas dolls won't slap back when you drop a dis on them. Fully washable.

Wanksta, The Musical: When Andrew Lloyd Webber and Fiddy team up, you know there's music in the air. Set for Broadway this fall, Wanksta will feature Wayne Brady, Lisa Bonet and Bernadette Peters singing their way through songs like "Ghetto Quran," "I'm a Hustler" and "Fuck You."

In Da Club Hand Disinfectant: You can party like it's your birthday, but keep in mind that clubs are fiestas for germs as well. Just a couple of squirts of In Da Club, and you can pass the bottle of bub with no fear.

"I'm a Timelord. I walk in eternity."
"I'm a Timelord. I walk in eternity."
Into the Moat: Pass the polyhedral die?
Into the Moat: Pass the polyhedral die?


Show starts at 8 p.m. Wednesday, August 24. Tickets are $40; call 314-534-1678 for more information.
Fox Theatre, 527 North Grand Boulevard

Da Piggybank: Teach your child about the cruel world of record deals with this piggy bank, which keeps 90 percent of their money for itself. Each deposit is greeted with a pre-recorded "Get me that money!" from 50 himself.

P.I.M.P. Car Fresheners: Available in Pine, New Car and Gunsmoke.

50 Cent Magic Stick: This oversize home massage kit will work the kinks out of your back in no time. That's what we think it is, anyway. -- Jordan Harper

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