Sunday, September 18; American Czech Educational Center (4690 Lansdowne Avenue)

Millions of Dead Congressmen, Missile-Destroyed Civilization, Multi-Death Corporation, Millions of Damn Christians and Male-Dominated Culture are just a few of the many acronymical faces of MDC, a legendary hardcore punk band whose primary modus operandi is dark, ruthless satire. Their first single, "John Wayne Was a Nazi" -- recorded in 1980 while the Duke's corpse was still warm and MDC were still known as the Stains -- was followed by the 1982 debut album, Millions of Dead Cops. But when he hasn't been behind bars for speed possession, barking frontman Dave Dictor has revealed an almost hippie-like streak, covering Cream's "Politician" and setting a vegan recipe to music on "Tofu Spaghetti." MDC add yet another acronym to the pile with this year's Magnus Dominus Corpus, their first album since 1993's Shades of Brown.
MDC: More Doofy Chicanery
MDC: More Doofy Chicanery

Doors open at 7 p.m. Tickets are $8; email [email protected] or call 314-752-8168 for more information.