Rock You Like a Hurricane

The local music scene comes together to raise money for Katrina's victims

Vintage Vinyl has placed a credit-card donation link to NOMRF on its Web site ( and is accepting contributions in its stores. Within the first two days, the store raised $2,000 for the foundation, according to Vintage Vinyl operations manager Steve Scariano. Wilco is also drawing attention to the organization via its Web site (; the band's guitarist, John Stirratt, grew up in the coastal town of Mandeville, Louisiana, and is a friend of Beninato's.

"Now that the government has finally got its act together, the musicians are gonna need help," Stirratt writes via e-mail. "This will be an ongoing struggle for people, and hopefully people won't forget about the Mississippi and Alabama folks, as well as this major city in America that's been relocated."

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