Don't Stop the Beat

The New Pornographers command you to shake your groove thang

Fans also shouldn't get too excited about the possibility of hearing any great, obscure cover songs. Previous New Pornographers live concerts have incorporated snippets of tunes from the Beatles, Heart and Kenny Loggins, but Newman notes that the band finally has too many of its own songs to play.

"I remember when Mass Romantic [came out], and all we had was [that album] and we'd learn [cover] songs," he says. "Now we have this back catalog of 50 songs. It's hard -- I feel like a coach; I have to make some cuts. '"End of Medicine," you're out. Sorry, "Centre for Holy Wars," maybe for the encore.'"

Newman speaks in a civil tone but has equally firm advice for fans attending the New Pornographers' upcoming show in the Lou. Or, rather, they're strong words meant specifically for those who can't be bothered to get off their asses.

Carl Newman (far left): "We're a rock band. Sometimes our fans even dance."
Steven Dewall
Carl Newman (far left): "We're a rock band. Sometimes our fans even dance."


Mississippi Nights, 914 North First Street. Show starts at 8 p.m. Thursday, October 6. Tickets are $16 to $18; call 314-421-3853 for more information.

"I think people need to know that when you're watching a rock band, it's kind of rude to sit down and watch," he says. "I'm throwing it down right now: If I see one person sitting down at the St. Louis show, I'm gonna lose it."

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