Defying Gravity

Gravity Kills celebrates its career with a reunion gig

Scheel now works in Oklahoma City as a representative for local and regional bands; he's also in a new group, Star 13. Kerns works for the architecture firm the Lawrence Group and has helped design sleek office and studio spaces for alternative radio giants such as KROQ-FM in Los Angeles and Live-105 in San Francisco.

His current project in St. Louis involves designing a combination living space/ recording studio/commercial zone in the Benton Park historical district. In fact, the recording studio will be called Shock City Music Works -- an entity that belongs to Firley and Loesch's Shock City Productions. (Shock City's success -- besides working with locals Tobi Kai & the Strays and On Tracy Lane, Firley is in talks with a new national record label to start producing its bands -- caused it to outgrow its west-county digs and merited this expansion.)

In the end, no one in Gravity Kills is sure what to expect from Friday's show, although whether their skills are intact is at least not a concern.

Gravity Kills: Back out of the shadows.
Gravity Kills: Back out of the shadows.
Gravity Kills: Back out of the shadows.
Gravity Kills: Back out of the shadows.


Show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15 to $18; call 314-726-6161 for more information.
Pageant, 6161 Delmar Boulevard.

"The other night, Matt and I got together, and Doug; we went through the set for the first time," Kerns says. "Three songs into it, we looked at each other -- we just had this grin. It was like an old jacket that fits really well. It was like, 'Yeah, this feels good.'"

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