Danse Macabre

We explore the wacky world of Phosphorescent, rile up Henry Rollins and venture into weirdness with Murder by Death

B-Sides: Most of your merchandise contains unsettling imagery. Have you heard from any fans who got in trouble for wearing your stuff?

Matt Armstrong: We had these track jackets with horse skulls on the front and a horse-drawn funeral carriage that's dripping blood everywhere on the back. Some kids got a little heat from their eighth-grade history teachers. I remember wearing a Ministry T-shirt in middle school, and they made me turn it inside out. It's funny now to be that band.

What's been your scariest experience on the road?


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Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, 3301 Lemp Avenue

In Orlando, we met this crazy girl at the show, and she asked us if we wanted to stay at her house. We said sure, because we didn't know anybody there. It turns out she was this former-stripper-turned-aspiring-adult-film-star, and she started dancing on the coffee table half-naked. She was so drunk we thought she was going to fall down and break her neck, and we all freaked out. A dead stripper and a rock band -- who's going down for this one? But she was fine in the morning, and she gave us a big sack of sandwiches when we left.

Showtime is using your song "Big Sleep" for Tobe Hooper's installment of its Masters of Horror series. (The episode airs November 11.) Is this your first soundtrack contribution?

Yes, and we're really excited that this is finally going to happen. A lot of times people will ask us what our musical influences are, which is fair enough, but we tell them that we're more inspired by movies, at least with the feel we try to create during the songs. -- Andrew Miller

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