This Week's Day-by-Day Picks

Week of November 9, 2005

Tuesday, November 15

If you've only ever seen a turkey with a thermometer in it, you should attend the National Wildlife Turkey Federation Turkey Release '05 at the Weldon Springs Conservation area (Highway 94, three miles south of US 40/64, Weldon Springs; 800-843-6983 or Several live, healthy, wild turkeys are released back into nature at 10 a.m. to celebrate the successful conservation of the wily bird. This might be considered a strange time of year to think about saving turkeys; a certain fast-approaching holiday is all about devouring turkeys, not saving them. But if no one had bothered to save the turkey from the danger of extinction, what would we eat on Thanksgiving? More important, what would we eat in the days after Thanksgiving? When you gnaw on a drumstick this year, be thankful to the wildlife conservators.

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