Dance, Dance

B-Sides talks wardrobe with Roxy Epoxy, gets the lowdown on Jason Ringenberg's farmer alter ego and goes down swinging with Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz

You guys don't play on the tour bus, then?

People play in the back lounge, but I hang in the front lounge and watch DVDs. It's not too insane, I guess.

What have you been digging lately, DVD-wise?

The Epoxies: Clothes encounters of the synthpop kind.
Brydget Carrello
The Epoxies: Clothes encounters of the synthpop kind.
Farmer Jason: Yee-haw!
Farmer Jason: Yee-haw!


Show starts at 8 p.m. Thursday, November 10. Tickets are $12; call 314-421-3853 for more information.
Mississippi Nights, 914 North First Street

I watched this super-bad movie called Mac and Me. It's kind of like [the] McDonald's response to E.T. It's this terrible movie; it's really bad. I've been watching the Hellraiser movies. I watched Teen Witch, too, that was pretty good.

Did you grow up playing video games?

I liked Contra, Bubble Bobble, Balloon Fight, Ghosts and Goblins, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out...

In the past six months, things have just gone berserk. Has it been overwhelming for you guys?

It's kind of bizarre. It's not really overwhelming; it can be disconcerting at times. We're in the tour bus so we don't see ourselves in magazines or on TV. And sometimes you'll be walking around and people will approach you. It's bizarre, cause you don't see that part of it. You're just this regular guy. Our songs are more famous than we are right now. -- Annie Zaleski

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