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Unreal cuddles up to singing mice, sends some postcards home and praises the Grant Writer of the Year. Plus, a local blogger sidesteps Mr. Porn Man.

In his acceptance speech, Rowley, a SLU alum, quipped that upon returning to work on Monday he intends to requisition a new, lumbar-reinforced chair. Rowley is white but said he'll order his new perch "in basic black — to commemorate this awesome honor."


"Dana's Thoughts"

Author: DMgirl

About the blogger: DMgirl works in investment banking. Her hobbies include yoga and drinking wine; she recently celebrated her 10,000th blog hit.

Recent Highlight (October 31, 2005): Remember the guy I was talking about at my work who was looking at all the porn? You know, the 10 discs worth of porn we recorded off his PC? Well, he works out at my gym. Recently, he's been talking to me about watching me workout. At first, I was a tiny bit weirded out by it, but then I suddenly remembered he was Mr. Porn Man. WTF. He's a freak. If he says one more thing about how good I look on the elliptical, I'm going to have to punch him. What makes someone think they can say things to you to make you feel uncomfortable? Stupid. I hate people sometimes.

I talked to my friend KB today. Back in July, she went to a tennis tournament in Indy. While she was there, she met this guy who apparently rocked her world. She called me three times today to tell me what a great kisser he was. I'm like, "How in the fuck do you still remember this shit?" She said, "that's just how good he was." A kiss? A freaking kiss? Are you kidding me? You have no idea how "good" he was. It's not like she slept with him. I just love my friends. They always call me to tell me stuff like this. hah.

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