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Week of December 22, 2005

Wolf Creek. (R) Three tourists head into the Australian outback for a crater called Wolf Creek, which appears to generate electromagnetic pulses that cause everybody's watches to stop and their car to die. Nobody's around for miles, until up drives Mick (Picnic at Hanging Rock's John Jarratt), a wisecracking type who might be right at home assisting Steve Irwin in a crocodile wrestling match. He seems very endearing, so our three vacationers take him up on his offer for a tow and repair. Back at his place, they get to drinking and telling tales around the campfire. When they wake up the next day, they're bound and gagged — and events go way downhill from there. It's an hour into the film, our heroes are screwed, and you've been suckered into caring about them. Let the carnage begin. Writer-director Greg McLean makes a significant feature debut here, with unapologetic horror that doesn't compromise. (Thompson) CW10, CC12, EQ, WO

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