Overlooked in '05

Ten great discs that were, ahem, underserved by the media this year

10) Loudon Wainwright, Here Come the Choppers (Sovereign Artists): Loudon Wainwright started off the year on a bandstand in Martin Scorsese's The Aviator, jamming in period clothes with his hot-shit son Rufus and up-and-coming daughter Martha, both of whom were to outshine their dad in the ensuing twelve months. It must be a bittersweet irony to find yourself overshadowed by your own children, but Loudon Wainwright is nothing if not an expert in bittersweet ironies. If we all slept on the umpteenth "album" by everyone's favorite Insensitive Singer-Songwriter, it's our loss: There's a veritable cornucopia of great stuff here, but the pick hit is easily "Hank and Fred," in which our anti-hero hears about the death of Mr. Rogers while driving through Alabama, bursts into tears and winds up at Hank Williams graveside. You can't make this stuff up — only Loudon can.

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