Movin' On

Korn's guitarist moves to holier pastures, words fall into oblivion and B-Sides encourages Gwen and Madonna to grow up.

Gwen's take: "Hollaback Girl" found Gwen at her most appropriately annoying, playing a punk-ass teen ready to take down a shit-talker behind the bleachers.

It's a good look for: Gwen. Nurse-office drama is exciting for the nurses, while nothing tops a good catfight. In this case, half-Italians do it better.

Mike Gorman

Source material: Old Hollywood

Madonna's take: In 1990's gayer-than-gay "Vogue" (it was inspired by the drag balls of Paris Is Burning, for God's sake), Madonna pulled out a sixteen-bar rundown of those who helped Hollywood's golden age sparkle.

Gwen's take: A two-line cameo in Martin Scorsese's The Aviator found Gwen in the role of Harlow, Jean.

It's a good look for: Madonna. Her dramatic and precise phrasing bespoke an understanding of ways gone by. Meanwhile, Gwen gave good face. But that's it.

Source material: Disco

Madonna's take: Madonna's most recent stroll through the '70s finds her hustling like John Travolta on her ABBA-does-Italo, Stuart Price-produced current single, "Hung Up."

Gwen's take: The remix of her debut solo single "What You Waiting For?" is a throwback to the early-'80s hi-NRG that kept the spirit of disco alive when so many were convinced that it sucked. Price produced that one too.

It's a good look for: Gwen. Without even having to reduce herself to a camel-toe-prone leotard, Gwen fit right into the role of disco's bitch. — Rich Juzwiak

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