The Tripdaddys/ Johnny O & the Jerks

Saturday, December 31; Creepy Crawl (421 North Tucker Boulevard)

Do the ‘Daddys still know best?
Do the ‘Daddys still know best?


Doors at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $30 for 21+ with complimentary "you call it" drinks; $10 for under 21; call 314-421-9333 for more information
It looks like it's gonna be a rockabilly rumble this New Year's Eve as long-time revivalists The Tripdaddys face off against young upstarts Johnny O & the Jerks. The 'Daddys have been doing their thing for the past decade, and for most of those years they were the only rockabilly band around (making them a shoo-in for best Rockabilly Band in the RFT Music Awards). In the past few months, though, Johnny O & the Jerks have been trotting out their Misfits-meets-trashabilly shtick, singing songs about zombie chicks while spitting fake blood all over their sleeveless shirts. Could '06 be the year that the Tripdaddys get dethroned by these fresh-faced young upstarts? Probably not, but why not spend New Year's Eve at the Creepy Crawl and find out? Come and watch the pomade fly!
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