Unreal News Challenge 2005!

Time again to take the year-end quiz

A. Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?
B. Extreme Makeover.
C. Pimp My Ride.
D. The Swan.

26. Fisticuffs nearly erupted at Rams Park between which two local sportscasters?

A. Mike Bush and Mike Shannon.
B. Steve Savard and Kevin Slaten.
C. John Rooney and Wayne Hagin.
D. Zip Rzeppa and Jim Hanifan.


27. Imo's Pizza stopped delivering to an area in what municipality?

A. Jennings.
B. Velda Village.
C. Kirkwood.
D. University City.

28. Former KTRS (550 AM) radio talk-show host McGraw Milhaven is a prominent character in what recent best-selling book?

A. Are Men Necessary? by Maureen Dowd.
B. The Tender Bar by J.R. Moehringer.
C. Marley and Me by John Grogan.
D. Teacher Man by Frank McCourt.

29. What architect designed the plans for the Bottle District's entertainment, retail and residential development?

A. Tadao Ando.
B. Philip Johnson.
C. Daniel Libeskind.
D. Frank Gehry.

30. Identify the sentence St. Louis Post-Dispatch scribe Todd C. Frankel did not write to begin an article in 2005:

A. "The BTK killer has an infectious laugh."
B. "The pope had sore feet."
C. "Rick Bussey pointed to his steak fajita."
D. "C.C. Baird dealt in dogs."

31. During an on-air conversation that resulted in their firings, the Beat (100.3 FM) morning-show host DJ Kaos asked co-host Syllli Asz this question: If he were in a one-on-one fight with a cop, what is the first thing he would try to take from the cop? What was Syllli Asz's response?

A. His walkie-talkie.
B. His car keys.
C. His gun.
D. His wallet.

32. What was the Schlaffenfest?

A. A party in Alton, Illinois, celebrating conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly's 50 years of public service.
B. A rival street festival created to compete against the downtown Strassenfest.
C. A Central West End fundraiser to benefit the Schlafly branch of the St. Louis Public Library.
D. The first annual German comedy showcase that set up camp in old north St. Louis this spring.

33. Who is Norbert Butz?

A. A new character in Budweiser's lizard commercials.
B. The new director of the Opera Theatre of St. Louis.
C. A local actor who won a Tony this year.
D. The new conductor of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.

34. Two St. Louisans pled guilty to stealing artwork from a fine-art storage facility. Which artist's paintings were not among the stolen loot?

A. Mark Rothko.
B. Red Skelton.
C. Henri Matisse.
D. Robert Motherwell.

35. A product named Buddyweiser prompted Anheuser-Busch to file a trademark infringement lawsuit. What is it?

A. Lederhosen with beer-can straps.
B. An anal penetrator.
C. A Bud Pong playing board.
D. A dog toy.

36. What is the name of the only airline currently flying out of MidAmerica Airport in O'Fallon, Illinois?

A. UzbekAir.
B. AirFerry.
C. SouthCentralAir.
D. Allegiant Airlines.

37. Which grape variety has transformed Missouri's wine industry and elicited rave reviews?

A. Norton.
B. Malbec.
C. Pinot Noir.
D. Shiraz.

38. Bob Costas declined to guest host a Larry King Live broadcast. His explanation: "I don't believe there was a single American who was sitting around saying, 'I'd really like to see Bob Costas' take on this.'" What was the evening's topic?

A. The Robert Blake trial.
B. Natalee Holloway's disappearance in Aruba.
C. Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology.
D. Baseball.

39. During the week of October 2, two former St. Louis-area musicians ruled the top two positions on Billboard's album chart. Who were they?

A. Nelly and Chingy.
B. Pavlov's Dog and Head East.
C. Wilco and Son Volt.
D. Gretchen Wilson and Sheryl Crow.

40. Des Peres 14 Cinema employee Curtis Salisbury became the first person in the nation charged under the Family Entertainment Copyright Act. He pled guilty to secretly videotaping new movies and releasing them on the Internet. Which two movies had the nineteen-year-old copied?

A. Harry Potter and Batman Begins.
B. Good Night, and Good Luck and Get Rich or Die Tryin'.
C. Bewitched and A Perfect Man.
D. Chicken Little and Robots.

41. Where is Truman State University?

A. Kirksville.
B. O'Fallon.
C. Cape Girardeau.
D. Bumfuck.

42. Nestle Inc. announced that it was closing three candy plants in the St. Louis area. What candies were affected?

A. SweeTarts, Tangy Taffy and Bottle Caps.
B. Now & Later, Good & Plenty and Tart 'n Tinys.
C. Baby Ruth, Butterfinger and Clark Bar.
D. Nerds, Runts and Donutz.

43. Ray Vinson and Deanna Vinson, co-founders of American Equity Mortgage Inc., were entangled this year in a bitter divorce trial. What was the name of the dog at the center of the battle?

A. Chester.
B. Bogey.
C. Lulu.
D. Prenup.

44. Which former television personality ran for state senate from Jefferson County?

A. Jamie Allman.
B. Zip Rzeppa.
C. Don Marsh.
D. Gentry Trotter.

45. Match the sexy politician with the office she holds.

1. St. Louis Circuit Attorney.
2. Missouri District 64 State Representative.
3. Missouri State Auditor.
4. Illinois Attorney General.
5. Missouri Secretary of State.

A. Lisa Madigan.
B. Jennifer Joyce.
C. Rachel Storch.
D. Robin Carnahan.
E. Claire McCaskill.

46. Who was pitching for the Houston Astros when Albert Pujols slammed his game-five ninth-inning home run in the National League playoffs?

A. Brad Lidge.
B. Roger Clemens.
C. Andy Pettitte.
D. Roy Oswalt.

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