Unreal News Challenge 2005!

Time again to take the year-end quiz

47. The Saint Louis Science Center this year began offering what kind of certification?

A. Junior Astronomers Club of the Universe patches.
B. Intelligent Designers of America membership badges.
C. Segway personal transporter training permit.
D. Laser Show Projectionists Local #351 guild cards.

48. What does the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department call an incident that doesn't measure up to its definition of a crime?


A. Incident Memo of a Happenstance.
B. Something Weird That Happened.
C. Criminal Intent Report Waiver.
D. Crime-Memo Data Sheet.

49. Match the manufacturing city with the automotive models it makes.

1. Fenton.
2. Hazelwood.
3. Wentzville.

A. Explorer and Aviator.
B. Express and Savana.
C. Caravan and Town & Country.

50. What airplane does Boeing's St. Louis defense plant manufacture?

B. F-19 Buzzard.
B. F-16 Fighting Falcon.
C. F-13 Chickadee.
D. F-15 Eagle.

51. According to a statewide Missouri report, how much more often are black motorists pulled over by police compared to white motorists?

A. 30 percent.
B. 38 percent.
C. 44 percent.
D. 72 percent.

52. According to the same survey, how much more often are black motorists searched by police than whites?

A. 96 percent.
B. 62 percent.
C. 71 percent.
D. 42 percent.

53. Chesterfield spelling whiz Rajiv Tarigopula advanced to the fourteenth round of the Scripps National Spelling Bee. What word tripped him up?

A. Odylic.
B. Bibliothecarial.
C. Tarigopula.
D. Beef.

54. Match the local CEO with the employer.

1. Chuck Knight.
2. Neil Smit.
3. Ronald M. Shaich.
4. Robert C. Skinner.
5. Hugh Grant.

A. Charter Communications.
B. Panera Bread.
C. Monsanto.
D. Kellwood Inc.
E. Emerson Electric

55. Who is the superintendent of the St. Louis Public Schools?

A. A jury of your peers.
B. Creg Williams.
C. Rudy Crew.
D. Supercomputer Deep Blue II.

56. This summer, indie-rock darling Sufjan Stevens released a song titled "Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois." What album was it taken from?

A. Licensed to Illinois.
B. Come on Feel the Illinoise.
C. Missouri Loves Company.
D. Feeling a Little Illinois.

57. In the spring, St. Louis rapper Ebony Eyez hit the national charts with her song, "In Ya Face." What was her debut album?

A. 7 Day Cycle.
B. Under Construction.
C. A Year N My Lyfe.

58. What do Tina Turner, Arthur Ashe, Dick Gregory and Julius Hunter have in common?

A. All attended Sumner High School.
B. All are figures at the Black World History Wax Museum on St. Louis Avenue.
C. All were recently honored in the 2005 Who's Who Among Black Americans.
D. All are graduates of Harris-Stowe State College.

59. What is the name of concert-goer Wade Alberty's Beatle Bob Web site?

A. www.dancebeatlebob.com
B. www.beatlebobsitdown.com
C. www.elbowsflying.com
D. www.twoleftfeet.com

60. What did Governor Matt Blunt and wife Melanie name their newborn son?
A. Matthew B. Blunt.
B. Roy Marlboro Blunt III.
C. William B. Blunt.
D. Phil E. Blunt.

61. Which of the following did Washington University researchers not accomplish this year?

A. Harnessed bacteria and waste water to generate electricity.
B. Determined that male mice sing songs to seduce female mice.
C. Studied the elastic qualities of the human brain by jerking heads back and forth.
D. Took out the trash after the genius Ph.D. specifically promised to.

62. In September, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department announced it would begin sending out postcards with the following note: "Thanks for your visit. The city of St. Louis, its residents and your neighbors would like to remind you that lewd, lascivious and/or suggestive behavior...are a violation of city ordinance and state law." Who will receive these postcards?

A. Potential attendees of the St. Louis Mardi Gras celebration in Soulard.
B. Anyone arrested on charges of picking up a prostitute.
C. Conventioneers in town for the 2006 Hip-Hop Summit at the Edward Jones Dome.
D. Strippers who travel to Illinois to work in the sex industry.

63. Missouri's former U.S. Senator John Danforth said this "very much looks like a dump," then added, "We can do much better than this, folks, and I'm happy to be a part of it." To what was he referring?

A. The divide between the Arch grounds and downtown St. Louis.
B. Laclede's Landing.
C. The old Busch Stadium.
D. The Republican Party platform.

64. In addition to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, what other civil servants no longer have to live in the city?

A. Firefighters.
B. Prosecutors.
C. Building inspectors.
D. Aldermen.

65. St. Louis leads the nation in two categories of sexually-transmitted diseases. Which best describes the ranking?
A. First in herpes, second in gonorrhea.
B. First in syphilis, second in HIV.
C. First in gonorrhea, second in chlamydia.
D. First in HIV, second in chlamydia.

66. St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce took a month-long vacation in September. What did she do?

A. Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.
B. Meditated at a Nepalese monastery.
C. Sailed from Australia to New Zealand.
D. All of the above.

67. Who said the following: "Hey dad, I dug a foxhole. It's regulashin...Can you kill all the bad guys now so Air Force One can bring you home?"

A. Matt Blunt, in an e-mail to his father, House Majority Whip Roy Blunt, who was visiting Iraq.
B. Jenna Bush, in a note she accidentally dropped out of her purse in a St. Louis bar.
C. Kodee Kennings, an impostor columnist for the Daily Egyptian, SIU-Carbondale's student-run newspaper.
D. Chingy, in his new single, "Over Thurr."

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