Unreal News Challenge 2005!

Time again to take the year-end quiz

84. Who was the last DJ to spin at long-running Washington Avenue nightclub Velvet?
A. Rob Lemon.
B. Oscar G.
C. Spin Laden.
D. Terry Mullan.

85. In June, the St. Louis-based National Personnel Records Center opened an archive of military records. Match the file with the celebrity.

1. A producer recommended that this staff sergeant receive an early discharge so that he could participate in a radio show to create goodwill among Americans.
2. This recruit was "very unreliable. He has been fired from every job he had except newspaper reporting... He is irresponsible, not caring."
3. While in the air corps, this first lieutenant produced a documentary on a bomber squadron during combat operations in England.
4. This private inspired letters requesting his early discharge because "we need him in our entertainment world to make us laugh."
5. This private first-class spent 30 days in the brig after being "absent over leave" for six days in 1949.


A. Elvis Presley.
B. Clark Gable.
C. Desi Arnaz.
D. Jack Kerouac
E. Steve McQueen.

86. How much did Tim Pruitt's record-setting Mississippi catfish weigh?

A. 124 pounds.
B. 94 pounds.
C. 112 pounds.
D. 70 pounds.

87. What is the shovelnose sturgeon?

A. A recently discovered Missouri River fish that has remained unchanged for twelve million years.
B. A Missouri fish that was the subject of a recent song cycle by former Phish frontman Trey Anastasio.
C. A Missouri fish that produces exquisite caviar.
D. The official Missouri state fish.

88. Who said: "When I took the job, I wanted to make Catholics happy. And I don't think I necessarily achieved that"?

A. Archbishop Raymond Burke, on the troubled negotiations with St. Stanislaus Church.
B. Local media personality Jamie Allman, after his brief stint as St. Louis Archdiocese spokesman.
C. Former mayor Vince Schoemehl, on his decision to resign from the school board.
D. Former Roman Catholic priest James Beine, who was ordered released from prison this year after serving two years on molestation charges.

89. Which of the following gases was not stored at Praxair's Lafayette Square location when it exploded?

A. Acetylene.
B. Propane.
C. Propylene.
D. Methanylenalodium.

90. In August, local radio personality Vladimir "The Mad Russian" Noskov was nearly deported to what country?

A. Jamaica.
B. Uzbekistan.
C. Ukraine.
D. Lithuania.

91. A University City ordinance passed this year allows residents to own a maximum of how many chickens?

A. Zero.
B. Three.
C. Five.
D. Seven.

92. Which of the following was not a poll question on www.mayorslay.com?

A. Do you think fast food is good for you?
B. Would you support universal wi-fi access in St. Louis?
C. What color should the Martin Luther King Bridge have been painted?
D. Which cell-phone ring tone would best fit your personality?

93. What does Joseph Pulitzer IV, great-grandson of the founder of the publishing empire, do for a living?

A. Stringer for Knight-Ridder newspapers.
B. Chairman of the Pulitzer Foundation.
C. Ambassador to Luxembourg.
D. Consultant for the insurance industry.

94. Identify the sentence that Post-Dispatch writer Todd C. Frankel did not pen to begin an article (Part 2):

A. The Mad Russian was drunk and ready to sleep it off.
B. You might say Red Bull is good for plants.
C. Joe Pulitzer was rumored to have a peg leg.
D. Tennessee Williams was at a low.

95. In April, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department unveiled a new $8.5 million expansion to its downtown headquarters. What is housed in the new space?

A. A school for the study on how to underreport crime.
B. The Sunshine Request Tactical Delay and Hinder Think Tank.
C. A high-tech forensics lab.
D. A full-time mustache grooming workshop.

96. In June, what flew over a state historic site in Higginsville, Missouri?

A. The Confederate flag.
B. A formation of fighter jets headed to Iraq.
C. A rare woodpecker.
D. Steve Fossett's world-record-breaking, around-the-world airplane.

97. Why did the the St. Louis arm of the Central Democratic Committee sue former Alderman Tom Bauer?

A. For representing himself as a Democrat when he is a Republican.
B. For dipping into the fundraising till.
C. To prevent him from using eminent domain to demolish their office.
D. For illegally using a donkey on his campaign signs.

98. A former St. Louis city prosecutor, John Chiapelas, was charged with what crime this year?

A. Storing 100 pounds of pot in his basement.
B. Making high-grade crystal meth in a Festus Johnny on the Spot.
C. Leading Pacific police on a high-speed chase in his tricked-out Honda.
D. Concealing evidence in the death-penalty case against Larry Griffin.

ANSWERS: 1. C. 2. B. 3. B. 4. A.5. A. 6. B. 7. A.
8. D. 9. C. 10. C. 11. D. 12.A. 13. B. 14. C. 15. B.
16. D. 17. D. 18. A. 19. C. 20. D. 21. D. 22. A.
23. C. 24. A. 25. D. 26. B. 27. C. 28. B. 29. C.
30. A. 31. A. 32. B. 33. C. 34. B. 35. D. 36. D.
37. A. 38. B. 39. D. 40. C. 41. A. 42. A. 43. B.
44. B. 45. 1-B, 2-C, 3-E, 4-A, 5-D. 46. A. 47. C.
48. D. 49. 1-C, 2-A, 3-B. 50. D. 51. B. 52. C.
53. A. 54. 1-E, 2-A, 3-B, 4-D, 5-C. 55. B. 56. B.
57. A. 58. A. 59. B. 60. C. 61. D. 62. B. 63. A.
64. B. 65. C. 66. A. 67. C. 68. D. 69. C. 70. C.
71. B. 72. D. 73. B. 74. C. 75. B. 76. D. 77. C.
78. B. 79. D. 80. B. 81. A. 82. C. 83. C. 84. B.
85. 1-C, 2-D, 3-B, 4-A, 5-E. 86. A. 87. C. 88. B.
89. D. 90. C. 91. C. 92. B. 93. B. 94. C. 95. C.
96. A. 97. D. 98. A.

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