The truth about fancy pets' cuddly liaisons, Grandmaster Y.K. Kim's top (tweaked) tips for the new year and a woman who's into the erotic side of Harry Potter.

Believe it or not, some say we have a problem with our 'tude.

A few days ago, we learned of Grandmaster Y.K. Kim's new tome, Winning Is a Choice. Kim is a publisher of Martial Arts World Magazine and a motivational speaker based in Orlando, Florida, and his book outlines "the top-10 winning habits" (below, in CAPS) that allow one to "strut down the road to success in 2006."

Uh, maybe. With a little tweaking.

1) SMILE. (Especially at homeless people.)

2) EAT AND DRINK WISELY. (Cut back the Beef Jerky of the Month Club to one subscription. Remember: We is what we eats.)

3) EXERCISE DAILY. (Swilling counts.)

4) FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE. (Ridicule counts.)

5) MAKE PREPARATION A HABIT. (Just-doing-it is so '90s.)

6) ACT WITH PASSION. (And not just during foreplay.)

7) COMMUNICATE CLEARLY. (Good for relationships, apparently. Fido is nodding.)

8) SHARE WITH OTHERS. (Lest anyone forget us!)

9) LOVE TO LEARN. (We're with Grandmaster Kim on this one: Lifelong learners are indeed winners.)

10) FIGHT WITHIN YOURSELF. (Especially when seized with the urge to pen a Top 10 resolutions list. Bust out that inner samurai. Peace.)


"Daughter of Opinion"

Author: Jessica

About the blogger: Jessica is 31, married to a Star Wars geek and has spent a grand to treat her cat's three urinary-tract infections.

Recent Highlight (December 1, 2005): *Ahem* I cleared my throat and casually offered, "My brother is the voice of Scooby Doo."

Jen, Nat and Dee-Dee harkened to this news — I had them; they were perfectly poised to start eating right out of the palm of my....

"Whatever" Dee-Dee remarked, breaking the silence of disbelief. "Yeah. Whatever" Jen and Nat chimed in.

"I'm serious, you guys!" I demanded and, realizing I had to present hardcore evidence, blurted, "I'll get him on the phone!"

"You do that" Nat laughed. "Sure... phone him up" Jenny dared.

"Fine" I shrugged and produced my cell phone only to realize that my signal was critically low in the basement that is Trader Vic's. Upon warning the girls that the reception may be a bit broken, I was met with more taunts and teases.

"Ah hah! Her SIGNAL is bad. Riiiiight!"

I held the phone to my ear waiting for my brother to pick up as Jen snapped a picture and smirked, "I'll call this one Face of A Liar."

Moments later, however, my brother was on the line and I handed my cell to Jenny who listened intently and then passed it on to Nat and Dee-Dee...their look of wonderment fueled my hungry ego and quelled my fears that I was not cool enough for these chicks.

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