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Unreal uncovers the sordid side of pee lobbyists, learns Chingy's workout habits and gets some golf tips. Plus: Elephants-as-artists!

"Want to really increase your shoulder turn? Go to a strip club and try watching the dancers with your back to the stage. As I always say: I've seen my share of Ryder Cups, but watching a pair of D cups is most enjoyable."

"But seriously, folks. The bottom line to getting better at golf is not fitness, it's this: If you're wasting more shots than Paris Hilton at a VD clinic — go get lessons!"

Dan Zettwoch


"out town"
Author: Ma'at Atkins
About the blogger: Says this Belleville resident: "I am an entertainment journalist/ actor/theater director trying to make a dollar in the world."

Recent Highlight (January 12): Afterward, I went to a house party for a guy named Darrin at a loft on Washington downtown who was going away to be a fireman. Well, I hope that he doesn't breathe on the fires that he puts out cause homeboy was sho-nuff lit with octane when he left the party. It was about 1:30 in the morning and I decided to meet up with my boy Kameron to catch the last few minutes of First Friday that was held at the Ritz Carton in Clayton. I need to get there as extremely late again cause for one, its free after midnite and everybody is still hanging out after the party is over. I saw a few celebs like Fox 2 sports guy Rob Desir and rapper Chingy. And speaking of Chingy, he has been bulking it up at Ballys in Clayton for the past two weeks. Its so funny to see him without his hip-hop drag cause without it, he looks like a little boy trying to lift weights. He was chilling with three guys in his posse trying to get him in shape. It has been interesting cause with him being so skinny and the guys that he hangs wioth being buffed and ripped, I'm sure Ching a ling must be intimidated. It was also tripped out when Chingy and his boyz left out one night and the Bally music machine started playing his rap vamp on Houston's song, "I like That." That was too funny.

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