Anyone for Doomsday?

B-Sides crafts a mix CD for the dumped, reviews a ringtone blowing up our cells and explores the beef between MF Doom and MF Grimm

My Ding-A-Ling is an occasional feature on B-Sides. Songs For the Dumped
For the recently dumped (or divorced), there are sure to be some fabulous pity parties this Valentine's Day. So why not make yours special with a great soundtrack? Combining the best of the embittered, Songs to Hate the Ex To follows the emotional rollercoaster of a break-up. Hitting every emotion on the road to recovery, these classic songs are sure to get even the sorriest bunch of sulkers to croon along.

MF Doom: Beef. It's what's on Grimm's plate.
MF Doom: Beef. It's what's on Grimm's plate.

1) Circle Jerks, "I Wanna Destroy You"
2) Flogging Molly, "Worst Day Since Yesterday"
3) No Doubt, "Ex-Girlfriend"
4) The Adicts, "Love Sucks"
5) Bad Religion, "Infected"
6) Liz Phair, "Fuck and Run"
7) Old 97's, "Wish the Worst"
8) The Distillers, "For Tonight You're Only Here to Know"
9) Merle Haggard, "The Bottle Let Me Down"
10) Rolling Stones, "Under My Thumb" <

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