Week of February 16, 2006

"Your tombstone will wind up a moss-laden perch that will become the local pigeon's rest stop."

At a pediatric conference last year, in our demonstration against RIC, I spoke with a young female doctor with her intact son in the stroller. She said she cuts if the parents want it (I asked what other healthy body part she would cut at parents' request) and asked her how much education was provided in med school about the anatomy and functioning of the intact penis. Answer: none! They are taught how to cut and how to get consent, in residency! Not knowing its purpose and functioning! So at least the Catholics Against Circumcision are simply doing what any doctor following the Hippocratic oath's first dictum would do: Do no harm! Leave the boy the way he was born, whole and perfectly designed. And he's the patient. Did he consent to this cosmetic surgery?
David J. Biviano, Seattle, Washington

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