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B-Sides analyzes the state of the Irish-punk scene, talks jazz and shoes with Jamie Cullum and shows you where to download some primo tunes this week

You have an affection for footwear. Have you ever thought of following the lead of hip-hoppers and designing your own line?

I'd love to. Give me the opportunity, and I'd be there in a second. I love sneakers. One of the things I'll probably do is open up my own men's sneaker store. It won't really be for the business, it'll just be because I like shoes and I'll be able to get loads of them.

Has there been much reaction to the use of such descriptive phrases as "selfish prick" and "stupid twat" in "Nothing I Do"?

Dropkick Murphys: The shamrock abides.
Dropkick Murphys: The shamrock abides.
Jamie Cullum: If the shoe fits, wear it.
Jamie Cullum: If the shoe fits, wear it.

"Twat" is a lot harsher word in America, isn't it? It's like the c-word, which I wouldn't dare say in front of you because I hear it's indecent. The "twat" word is one that people use a lot in London and it doesn't mean the same thing. [Laughs. ] I'm not sure how that song's going to go down in the States. Part of my thing is to write songs that have a kind of classic feel to them but really give themselves away in terms of the lyrics. And they're names that I've been called in my distant past, so I'm just telling the truth, man. — Julie Seabaugh
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The Download

National Public Radio is a lot hipper these days. Its Web-only music show, All Songs Considered, broadcasts concerts from indie favorites such as the White Stripes, the Shins and Sigur Rós. And every once in a while, a show stays up for the taking. The program has posted exclusive live sets (available for download for a limited time) from Iron & Wine and Calexico, performing separately and together. Now you can take the show on the go with the All Songs Considered podcast, packed with music from new and upcoming artists, live performances and host Bob Boilen's insightful commentary. Visit — Andy Vihstadt

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