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Week of March 9, 2006

Café, February 2, 2006

Waiters' Etiquette 101

Timothy O'Neal, checking in midmeal from Kansas City: Regarding Rose Martelli's review of Busch's Grove ["Gorge Busch"]: Checking in midmeal to see how things are going is as past tense as a dessert tray. Yes, I have to present a stupid dessert tray at a joint with a 47-page wine list.

A topnotch server will, secretly and from afar, take a long, honest look at those chewing midmeal and determine if approaching a table might be a good idea. If everyone seems happy, let them be happy. If there's the slightest indication of food issues, then by all means, a server should head right on over. Heck, it didn't seem like you had too much trouble throwing up a smoke signal that the lobster was "off."
Timothy L. O'Neal, Kansas City

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