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Week of March 23, 2006

Check, please! Thank you for your honest take on Gallagher's. The few times I have dined there, the service was bordering on an embarrassment. I read positive reviews in the Post-Dispatch and Sauce that glossed over poor service, long waits and uninspired menu items as if they were minor details, irrelevant to the main point, which seemed to be: "Look at the quaint townsfolk of Waterloo, they got themselves a bona fide classy restaurant. Ain't that precious."

Anyone not blinded by Monroe County pride could see those reviews as patronizing bullshit.
Andrew Traughber, Columbia, Illinois

It's all in the adjectives: I thoroughly enjoyed Rose Martelli's coverage of Gallagher's. The adjective-infused article was nothing short of entertaining and full of advice on avoiding an establishment that attempts to resurrect the "Menus of Days I'd Rather Forget."

Dead and gone is dead and gone. Rest in peace, oh ye recipes of old.
Fred Miller, Wood River, Illinois

That old Jefferson Avenue magic: Just this week I was talking up Gallagher's, hoping Richard Perry was reviving some of that Jefferson Avenue Boarding House magic. I will save my dinner funds for something else.

Thanks for saving me a trip.
Mike Emerson, Linn

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